We Are More Than The Eye Can See

The Way

The Way

There is deep wisdom within our very flesh, if we can only come to our senses and feel it.
— Elizabeth A. Behnke

Did you know that the color red has the lowest frequency and longest wavelength?  Red is the longest wavelength seen by the eye.  That is why they use red for stop signs and traffic lights.  Red is also associated with passion, hate, anger, love, and it is also related to the first chakra- Muladhara (the root chakra).  This makes sense with the root chakra being red and the need for us to ground deeply far into the center of the earth, which is red too.  

Chakra is pronounced, Cha-kra.  

The Chakra system dates back thousands of years and from many different cultures; from yogic traditions in India to the concepts of meridians in China and it consist of 7 chakras (energy wheels) that run from the base of the spine all the way up to the crown of the head.  Each wheel is correlated to different endocrine glands or organs and subsequently the nervous system.  The chakra system is not part of our physical body per se but is a part of our energetic body.  Yes, we are more than what the eye can see.  Fascinating right?!

Chakras can become blocked from stress, injury, and illness leading to an imbalance - not only in the chakra system, but also being directly linked to your physical and mental health.  Take for example, when someone is suffering from a broken heart, they may be dealing with symptoms in their heart chakra, which could actually turn into heart issues.  Another example may be someone who is struggling with speaking their truth, they will likely have an imbalance in the throat chakra, maybe also dealing with thyroid issue, etc.  

As we open and heal our chakras you are able to bring things back to balance.  It's very important not just to focus on one chakra, but balance them as a whole, thus creating an environment of balance.  Always start from the root chakra with great focus on feeling grounded and centered.

Yoga philosophy teaches us to "tune into our bodies," and listen to what messages are being sent to us. Your body is constantly communicating to you; like when you eat something not good for you, you feel it with a stomach-ache and when you are around a very negative person, you feel that too.  I like to explain it like this, when I'm around someone who is not good for me,  "I leave them with a bad taste in my mouth, ugh."

It's hard to slow down and actually give yourself that time to heal, because slowing down means facing your problems with some of those problems running pretty deep.  Honestly,  sometimes we are so far away from being connected to ourselves, we don't even know what that problem may be.  When we don't deal with it or run away from the emotional issues in our lives, unfortunately those issues/traumas start to show up in us through physical symptoms.  Hence the importance of  understanding the chakra system.  

The 7 Chakras


First chakra- (root chakra)

Location:  Base of Spine
Color:  Red
Endocrine gland:  Adrenal Cortex
Ancestral wounds live here, survival, safety, starting new, boundaries, security, family.
Open and balanced:  You feel secure, safe, a sense of "I have a right to be here," at peace, grounded, and balanced.
Signs of blockage, unbalanced or weak:  Leg area injuries or pain, co-dependency, sciatica, impotence, anxiety, depression, just a sense of "not belonging". 

Yoga is a great tool to help release this blockage and so is meditation.  Awareness comes first of course... (I say this a lot ; )
Yoga poses to practice:  Mountain pose, Warrior One, Malasana, Tree pose or really any pose were you are focusing on rooting down through the feet. 

Meditation practice:  Standing strong in Mountain pose and visualizing pulling up ruby red light from the center of the earth, inhaling this light and energy from the soles of the feet up to base of the spine, feeling strong and secure.  

Take a good look at your life and see what fear is holding you back and maybe give some of these techniques a try.  Intention is everything!

Second Chakra- (sacral)

Location:  Pelvic region
Color:  Orange
Endocrine gland:  Testicles and ovaries
This is where creativity, sensitivity, pleasure, sensuality, and enjoyment live - your passion center.
Open and balanced:  You have a positive energy about you that people are attracted to and you feel inspired.
Signs of blockage or weakness:  Addictions, low confidence, eating disorders, sexual disorders, PMS, urinary problems, issues related to the sexual organs.

Yoga poses to practice:  Breath of joy, Goddess Pose, Cobra, any pose that focuses on the pelvis and lower back area.

Meditation:  Reclined bound angle with one hand on your heart and one hand on your lower belly, taking full belly breaths in through the nostrils, filling up the lower belly like a balloon sending love and light between... the heart space and the pelvic region.


Third Chakra- (diaphragm)

Location:  naval, stomach, solar plexus
Color:  Yellow
Endocrine gland:  Pancreas
This area holds your self-esteem, self-worth, and the power to transform.
Open and balanced:  Feel a sense of power in the world and confidence.
Signs of blockage or weakness:  Playing victim, anger, and self-centeredness.

Yoga poses to practice:  Boat pose, Mountain pose, and a few rounds of sun salutations.

Meditation:  Sitting in cross-legged position, eyes closed gently, natural full bell breaths, with a focus on the mantra - RAM, and visualizing the color of the sun at your solar plexus.  

Fourth Chakra- (Heart)

Location:  Heart and lungs
Color:  Green
Endocrine gland:  Thymus
This is where our compassion lives, empathy, and forgiveness.
Open and balanced:  Flowing with love and acceptance.
Signs of blockage:  Fear of betrayal, jealousy, co-dependent, immune system and heart problems.

Yoga poses to practice:  Backbends, Camel pose and Bow pose.

Meditation:  Laying in savasana with cactus arms, laying on a small rolled up blanket under the back to prop up the chest, breathing in and out through the heart space, visualizing an emerald green light entering through the chest and with every breath eventually filling up the whole body with this healing color.

Fifth Chakra- ( Throat)

Location:  Throat area
Color:  Blue
Endocrine gland:  Thyroid and Parathyroid
Communication and creativity live here.
Open and balanced:  Being truthful with yourself and others; saying NO when you need to.
Signs of blockage:  Feeling like you are not being heard, thyroid issues, chronic sore throats, mouth ulcers, lying, unreliable and social anxiety.

Yoga poses to practice:  Shoulder stands, plow and bridge pose.

Meditation:  Affirmation - "I have a right to speak my truth."  Use some frankincense oil.

Sixth Chakra- (Third eye)

Location:  Brow, brain, above base of nose
Color:  Indigo
Endocrine gland:  Pituitary gland
Intuition lives here with dreaming, imagination, and wisdom too.
Open and balanced:  Deep connection with wisdom and insight.
Blockages:  Rejection of everything spiritual, vision problems and lack of clarity.

Yoga poses to practice:  Child's pose and cat/cow pose.

Meditation:  Chant 108 Om (A-U-M) with your mala beads.

Seventh Chakra- (Crown of the head)

Location:  Top of the head
Color:  Violet or white
Endocrine gland:  Pineal gland
Spiritual connection and wisdom of what is sacred.
Open and balanced:  God, pressure on top of head, bliss, ecstasy.
Blockages:  Closed-minded, living in your head, and being disconnected spiritually.

Yoga poses to practice:  Headstands and corpse pose

Meditation:  Hold an amethyst stone in your hand, sitting in cross-legged position, being mindful of the texture, the weight, and the energy coming from the stone, breathing deeply.

The body never lies.
— Martha Graham
Savannah, GA  The Cathedral Of St. John The Baptist

Savannah, GA

The Cathedral Of St. John The Baptist