A Poem About Yoga


Life before yoga goes something like this-

You are a fierce "worrier" with one hand grasped tightly to your chariot and the other hand holding onto the reins of misbehaved wild horses.
It's a violent ride and your unsure of where it may lead you. 
Those horses control you. 
Those horses are your emotions, controlling every move you make.

With yoga-

You ditched the chariot and choose a horse.  Now you feel all those crazy emotions beneath you.  Becoming one with the horse, you match your breath to his and learn to become one with it... but, instead of it controlling you... you take control by witnessing all those emotions... allowing them to flow in a way that gives you power to be a fierce rider... feeling the strength between your legs... honoring them and what they represent in your life... feeling one with the ride, but knowing all along they are separate from you and in the end, you are the rider and have the control of the reins.