All About The Asana Or Is It?

It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence.
— B.K.S. Iyengar

Asana - The Pose

Not first of the eight limbs of yoga, but third on the list of Patanjali's steps to living a peaceful and meaningful life.  One would think when they are looking from the outside in and not knowing much about yoga, that it's all about the pose.  In reality the asana is described as being the tip of the iceberg and below the depths of the water is what makes up the larger percent of it.

Below is where you need to be, diving deep into the wisdom of this beautiful philosophy of life.  The pose is there to teach us to be comfortable in our bodies and most of all our minds, sitting in stillness and allowing the fluctuations of the mind to just be; this is why we practice.

The pose is really the welcoming part of getting to know you; your body, your mind, and most of all you soul.  It all starts there and then there is so much more.  

The pose or Asana
What does it mean to you?
Over the years it's changed for me.
At first I threw myself haphazardly into the pose. (Lived life this way too)
Showing off what I thought to be flexibility, but was really just hyper-flexible joints that were pushed to their limits.
I had very little muscle tone, so I'd fatigue quickly and my muscles would shake.
My mind would race too and when it came time for savasana, well I dreaded it. 
Now it's different.
My body has changed drastically...and so has my mind.
It's stronger with lots of gained muscle.
My flexibility is earned not stolen.
My mind has simmered.
And I catch plenty of moments in my practice where I'm completely present.
Not living solely in my head, but actually in my body. 
There's a connection.
The pose is more often then not, me sitting up tall in the car with shoulders relaxed and fist unclenched.
Or standing in Mountain pose waiting in a line at the store. 
The pose now is being aware of stress or tension in my body and allowing deep breaths to carry it away. 
You become the pose.

Jennifer HagermanComment