Dinner In The City To Celebrate



A gaze to the left

Before we step down to the "steamy" Path train

First a stroll through Washington Square Park

First a stroll through Washington Square Park


Finally: Palma

A trip to Italy without leaving the states

My youngest daughter Jocelyn was away at her first sleep-away cheer camp and my oldest is just about to venture out into her college years.  With having this little trip on my radar for a good while I decided to take my college girl out to celebrate this new chapter in her life and what better place to be than NYC.  

Alley - my college girl

We sat in the courtyard surrounded by many plants. The weather PERFECT and my heart happy as we enjoyed a beautiful meal together. 


Showing off her new earrings that I gave to her to celebrate this new chapter of her life.


Just one glass

$15 a glass that is and honestly, I like my $9.99 bottle better.


Carciofi Croccanti

Crispy baby artichoke hearts with parmigiano and parsley

The highlight of the meal was this appetizer and I'd go back again just for this.


Full bellies-

Full Hearts

Alley had the Gnocchetti al Pesto which she liked, but felt it was a little too heavy for her loving.  (I must mention that maybe an hour prior to this we meandered our way into Soho, which ended up with us eating a very fancy cupcake... sitting on the side of the street watching the world go by).  I went for the Agnolotti Ricotta e Spinaci, homemade pasta with spinach and buffalo ricotta, served with a basil and tomato sauce - and it was everything I imagined it to be; fresh ingredients in a sweet sauce with just enough on the plate to leave you wanting some more.  
If you're looking for tasty organic ingredients and an atmosphere that's enchanting, well I think this restaurant would serve you well.  
Next time I'm trying the Cavolfiore Palma Sautéed -  cauliflower with pine nuts, currants, caramelized onion, and breadcrumbs.  I can't wait!



Alley's favorite!

One of the main reasons I picked an Italian place is because of Alley's love of this decadent dessert.  My wish for my daughter is to live life well and enjoy the journey.  I want so much for my daughter, like one day eating this dessert in Italy and following her dreams to wherever they may lead her.  Now it's her turn.