This picture may look very serene, but the story behind it is anger.

I took my anger for a walk yesterday-

It’s tendency is to hide in my jaw making it hard to eat even soft food.

Makes my patience non-existent.

Creeps up on me in my sleep as a physical sense of “burning up”.

Makes me say things I would never do (or really mean), but feels good to say... You know venting. 

So, I walked it...stomping my heavy feet on the trail...swearing at the dog when he tries to rip my arm out of socket...carrying a face that is crinkled up with tension...yelling at the earth under my breath for not being frozen yet and thus leaving the dog’s feet and my new boots muddy...oh’ and eating, eating, eating… to try to put out this fire within.

Making friends with it and deciding how long I’d like her to stay-

I think I might be ready to let her go soon. 

I’m finding a way to honor this feeling and set it free through, love and understanding.

Learn a lesson or two from it.

See if I need to sit with it longer and SOFTEN into it with patience...and lots of slow-deep-ocean breaths.

How do you deal with heavy emotions?

Do you ignore them?

Allow them to control you?

Make friends with it and when the time is right, let-it-go.

Jennifer HagermanComment