Learning To Soften In Places You've Become Rigid

Before sunrise on the lake

Before sunrise on the lake


I've noticed lately how I've become rigid - not in a strong sense, but in a protective way in my body and mind.  It struck me laying back in my aerial silk how I've started to form this rigidness... I could feel it in my body as I tried to conform to the silk and I felt it in my mind as to how quickly I am to be on the defense. 

It's only human to build up a strong armor around the body when the many lessons of life have started to harden us.  We start to see how traumas, losses, and all those setbacks begin to become manifested; manifested as tightness in the body and mind.  

Svadhayaya, the fourth Niyama of Patanjali's yoga sutras invites us to study the self.  For me through yoga, I'm in a constant state of witnessing where I've become rigid in my life and use my practice to soften those areas.   It's a practice.

First, comes courage to take that hard look at yourself as to why you've become so rigid.  Realizing that suit of armor only keeps out a love that is intended for you to experience.  In our minds, we think we are protecting ourselves, but really only doing a disservice to living a full life here on earth.  I invite you to find that teacher who will help you let go of the armor and allow the light to enter all those places that need softening. 

You can also be your own teacher.  First comes awareness (self-study), then comes unconditional love, lastly allowing whatever doesn't serve you well to-be-let-go.  

As I laid back in the aerial silk that last night of training in savasana many things came to me, I relaxed every bit of my body that was holding onto so much strength (fist up) to make everything alright in my life to soften into the hammock, my mind and it's many judgments also softened with understanding, my breathing deep and controlled also softened, then an overwhelming feeling to cry set itself free just enough to soften my spirit of loss.  

Where have you become hard in your life?  Can you soften enough to let the love and light in....