The Flow Of Our Practice and Life

Just flowing with it

Just flowing with it

I've been practicing ahimsa (non-harm) lately with myself, having just come through a very hard passage in my life.  I understand my life will never be the same without my mother here, but there will come a time when I will feel more at peace with it.  I'm just not fully there and I'm ok with that... It's a process, right.  I also just uprooted the girls and I (plus a dog who ruled a yard) to a new apartment, all the while getting a new teacher training under my belt (hello, aerial teacher), starting back into the nursing field, and just had to drop my girl back to college.  Now I get why I'm dealing with dizziness.  Ha!

My physical practice goes according to what my mind and body need.  If the flow of my life is speeding forward, well that's when I back off of the "hard" physical practice.  It's all about balance and finding what works for you.  It's like when you are sick and your body calls for your bed, well, you listen.  Sometimes the mind needs a break too and maybe a gentle practice is just what you need. 

Your practice on and off the mat. 

  • Connect, connect, connect- with what your body is telling you.  Maybe that's backing off from a hard practice because your body needs rest/healing?  Maybe you need a good kick in the butt with pushing yourself a little bit harder to reap the benefits?  Only you can answer those questions.  
  • "Feel" your heartbeat and know you have the power to slow it down when things get overwhelming.  When I teach a  flow class and we are moving for a while with our heart rates up, I sometimes ask everyone to pause in mountain pose and put their hands on their strong fast beating hearts... We then all take long controlled even slow breaths to bring the heartbeat back to normal.  This practice has saved me many times when I have been faced with anxiety and it truly works.  You must "feel it", relax, and take the lead by breathing deeply. 
  • Take up space- You deserve to be here with wherever you are on this journey of life.  OWN THE POSE, OWN YOUR LIFE.  On your mat you are not just a body, you are many layers of energy.  I love reminding my students that we are here in this room to heal and connect not just the physical parts of ourselves, but the emotional, and the spiritual parts too.  
  • Find your mountain not only on your mat but, in every pose in your daily life.  Being of this Earth with roots running deep, but knowing you are deeply connected to something so much greater then what the eye can see... Some call it the universe, or the source and  I call it God.  Rooting down and reaching up= divine connection. 

    May you find the right flow to your life, adjusting your sails when needed.