Most Important Thing Yoga Has Taught Me

March light

March light

If I had to pick one thing yoga has taught me the most, it would be how to breathe again. Strange right, breathing is a natural thing we do.

Yoga has taught me that the quality of your mind is directly linked to your breathing pattern and if one can witness that state of mind (without being pulled down the rabbit hole), one can then take control of that mind through one deep breath at a time.

It’s through those intentional breaths that we heal a heart that feels so deeply. You may think that you are not a sensitive being, but a human heart is meant to FEEL. It goes from the heart to the head and with knowledge one can take it to the breath, to ride out every emotion that runs through a body that begs to be in balance.

An empathetic heart can also lead to an unhealthy connection of owning someone else’s breath. Learn your tendencies through Svadhyaya (self-study) and recognize if you struggle with this too. Awareness is key!

I wish I was taught these breathing tools as a child. Boy, did I suffer and continue to suffer into my adulthood, with no understanding of how my mental state could be changed just by controlling the breath. 

Pranayama (breath control) brings our attention to a place of control, when the mind may be out of control. Abiding in the breath allows our body to reconnect to our life force- PRANA.

I’m writing about this today, because last night I had a wonderful experience before I drifted off to sleep.

I laid in corpse pose with my body spread out like a starfish and my palms unclenched to receive what was intended for me. I dove into my breath, like It was the safest place to be. I drew the breath in through my nose as slow as I could, filling up not only my physical body, but my energetic one too. The watching of my breath, became a place of being the breath. That place I found last night was of pure bliss.

I want this for you too.

Give yourself a hug today.

Give yourself a hug today.