Mindful Jen


The Journey Of A Yoga Teacher

I'm a lucky Leo so my flame burns bright and fierce and was in major need of taming.  I can attest to always being up for a challenge (some that seemed to be like climbing Mt. Everest with two children in tow.) Starting from a learning disability in elementary school and ending up along the way as a single mother of two beautiful daughters.  

Through these chapters of trials and tribulations I was desperately seeking help.   I finally found it through a local yoga class which helped guide me through the wreckage that I myself had produced all around me.  

You could say in the end that Yoga saved me.

Oh what a journey its been.  It got to the point where the Yoga classes weren't enough… I wanted more, I needed more, and so I committed to yoga teacher training.  That training was in 2012 and after completion I went into teaching full force.  Unfortunately, I myself (my worst enemy) was still getting in the way of things and walked away from teaching for almost two years.

 It's those old beliefs that will get the best of you, if you allow them too.   Absent from teaching,  I still continued to grow as a teacher and student of Yoga.  I've  finally come to that right place of being to step back into the teaching scene.  My need for perfection has been thrown out the window and I'm finally ready to be the teacher I was meant to be… imperfect, loving, and just me - wanting to show my students how I've coped through some of the toughest times of my life with the help of Yoga.   

You could say in the end that Yoga saved me. Saved me from what? Well, myself that is.