Finding My Balance Through Yoga.


This blog developed because I want to share my yoga journey with you.  I want to share things I've learned along the way and how it's helped me in my life.  I'm no master, but I'm a teacher who is willing to learn more each day.  I teach with an open heart and a soul that understands ones many struggles.  

You can only be strong for so long without the right tools needed to live a healthy balanced life.  That's where I was before I started my yoga training.  I'm a fierce lion who was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, not understanding that every trauma and regret I had ever felt; started to fill my body with anxiety and fear.  

I understand what it feels like to be drained and desperate to feel your old self again.  Looking back on my childhood I was always the brave one who carried a smile and then I turned into someone who feared even walking down the street alone.  That was not me.  My mind would race and I lived in the past everyday, reliving those moments of regret.  

Something had to change because I became a prisoner in my own body.  That first interview to get into the yoga program, I was told by my teacher to take on a "witness mind"; to just separate myself from my thoughts and that changed my whole world.  You mean I am not my thoughts?  I don't have to believe every thought I have?  This was just the beginning for me.  



I got into the program and my life "eventually" turned for the better.  I don't want to scare you away from studying yoga, but if you're open to deep healing - this is the practice for you.  Healing is messy, ugly, and down right scary sometimes.  That first weekend of training was blissful and I felt energized by the process.  Then it got deeper as time went on and that's when things started to rise up in me.  

Yoga surfaced what needed to be let go and although it was super tough I am forever grateful for the experience.  Yoga teaches you to not just be able to easily sit still with those thoughts and emotions, but to move the body with the breath; releasing everything that doesn't serve you well.   

We all have a story. Let it be told on your mat.