Yoga Poetry


My Happy Place

           Darkness Slayer


I'm learning to love myself unconditionally

And no that doesn't mean, 
I'm celebrating my faults

By loving all of who I am

That love will becomes light
And that light,
Will diminish

All Darkness.

High lunge with Temple mudra to seal the moment.

High lunge with Temple mudra to seal the moment.

Finding Your Way

I've lost my way a few times
And then at first
The Universe whispers
Nudge, nudge...
She screams
Yes, I hear you NOW
And why must it get to this point
Every time.

Dancing Flames

Look closely

You will see what your soul desires

Reflected back to you in the dancing flames

Stone Meditation:

Sitting quietly in your easy seated position

Taking a few connecting deep breaths

Feeling that connection with your sitting bones and the earth

Reaching up through the crown of your head

Taking the stone in your hand

Connecting with the stone

Noticing how that stone feels in your hand

Exploring the weight of it

The texture

Now with every exhalation

Release one thing that doesn't serve you well

Continue until you feel light and peaceful

Notice how your body has become "light"

Feel what it feels like to let go of all those things that are holding you back

Now, releasing the stone when the time is right

Bringing hands to heart center

Bowing your head to your heart

Honoring this moment of surrender

Sunrise at White Lake, NJ

Sunrise at White Lake, NJ

The Sun

Close your eyes gently and connect to your natural breath

Allowing your thoughts to float by

Find your P E A C E here in this present moment

Everything else can wait

With every breath you get deeper into a blissful R E L A X E D state

The heaviness of your body has melted into the floor

Feels like your body is weightless

Like when you were a child being held safely in your loved ones arms, floating in warm water

The sun is shinning down gently

Touching parts of your body that's not submerged under the water

Feel the warmth

Feel the light

Feel the security

The way it nourishes every cell in your body

Giving you P E A C E

Follow your breath as it has surrendered, to the natural rhythm of life

Just be






YOU are all these things and MORE    

by, Jennifer Hagerman

White Lake Sunrise



And just like the sun's reflection on the water

So too are our feelings on the inside reflected out

I remember back not long ago

I was filled with so much FEAR

It filled my being to the point of panic

Every step I took was with trepidation and my trust of all things was lost

The more I fought to resist these emotions, the deeper I trapped them in me

With COURAGE and inner strength, I through yoga was taught to sit with these negative emotions

Facing them

Feeling them

Finally, honoring what it was they were there to teach me

Then I was able to RELEASE them



Riding out those waves of emotional pain

I became stronger

Now when those feelings arise in me

I sit patiently with them




And the dance of life continues

By, Jennifer Hagerman

Eagle Pose/Garudasana

Eagle Pose/Garudasana

Standing Head-To-Knee Pose  

Standing Head-To-Knee Pose  

Sometimes life kicks you in the ass
And then there are times you kick life’s ass.
— Me

Taking a moment to enjoy the little flowers in the grass... (2014)

Taking a moment to enjoy the little flowers in the grass... (2014)